No dog ever lives long enough.
Anyone who has ever loved a dog knows this…

So begins this comforting new picture book that’s ideal for anyone facing the loss of a beloved dog. Richly illustrated with warm and uplifting watercolors, Dog Heaven: Somewhere Over the Rainbow Bridge follows an old dog from his last moments with his family and into the land of Dog Heaven, where old dogs get back their youthful vigor, and life is joyful. If you’ve ever lost a dog and wondered why you may have felt his presence afterward, you’ll get an idea why in Dog Heaven. 

Dog Heaven: Somewhere Over the Rainbow Bridge gives grieving dog lovers comfort and hope when when it’s most needed. This 32-page, 8.5 x 11″ hardcover book makes an ideal gift – for yourself, or others mourning the loss of a beloved dog. Just right for adults or children. For an extra special, personalized touch, the author will sign the book and inscribe it with a comforting, personalized message. Click here for details.

If you'd like to get the comfort of this book quickly, it's available on Kindle here.

Dog Heaven: Somewhere Over the Rainbow Bridge is available at select bookstores, and at Amazon,Barnes and NobleAlibris and other online book retailers.

“A heartwarming, delightful ray of sunshine that cuts through the grey clouds of pet loss. The perfect gift for anyone who is grieving the loss of their loyal companion.” – KNBR-1050

“I cried, and then I laughed, and then I cried some more, and then I felt great peace. Thank you for this book!”– M. Fields, Austin, Texas

“Dog Heaven has been my best friend as I get used to life without my four-legged best friend. I can’t recommend it highly enough to anyone whose dog has recently died.” – D. Santos, San Francisco

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